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Ageless Estate Services can eliminate all of the confusion, fear and anxiety once and for all, while organizing your estate. Most people postpone this until tomorrow, but for some tomorrow never comes. Let’s face it, dealing with your estate can be difficult for any number of reasons. Maybe you have a lot of ground to cover or maybe you don’t like to deal with issues that you associate with your own mortality.

One alarming trend I see everyday is that all it takes is one confusing issue to completely shut down a lot of people. This is too important to put off! Let Ageless Estate Services help point you in the right direction by organizing all of your assets. Just think how much grief you could save your loved ones. How much it will mean to your loved ones when they’re in a vulnerable state. It’s amazing to me how many people just assume that their loved ones know instinctively how to handle their estate and where all the important papers are. The kids don’t want to listen or face the outcome, so they don’t hear you. When the time comes, you think you have handled it all and thought about everything. The family is trying to grieve and may not know where to start.

Life is busy

Over the years I’ve seen many of my friends and family struggle to find important documents left behind by their loved ones. Death, home sales, fires, weddings, and medical changes - you name it, there comes a time when all of us need to get our hands on some piece of important information for ourselves or for our loved ones. Assembling all of this information can feel overwhelming and painful. So I’ve designed Ageless Estate Services to help take away the anxiety.

You never know

  • You never know when it’s your time

  • You don’t know if it will be expected or unexpected

  • You don’t know how old you will be

  • You don’t know if you’ll become incapacitated

Did you know

  • If you don’t plan properly your family could be taken advantage of

  • The government, through probate court and estate taxes could take a percentage of everything you have worked so hard to build if you don’t take steps right now to protect it

  • Your children may spend as much as 2 years fighting the courts to obtain what is rightfully yours

You do know

  • You want all of your wishes carried through

  • You want to save your loved ones time

  • You want the peace of mind in knowing that you have prepared everything for them

  • You can prevent all of these things from happening

Your assets took a lifetime to create. Ageless Estate Services can help go through your check list.
Together we will give you peace of mind and save your family time. Don’t let your family be victimized.

With our pre and post checklist they won’t be victims. The time to plan is now - it’s never too early!

Take the steps right now, call Ageless Estate Services today at 704-458-8034

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